Music Copyright Law Articles and Commentary

Norwegian Report Alleging Tidal Manipulated Beyoncé & Kanye West Stream Counts Raises Questions: Analysis – Billboard

Lisa Alter comments on allegations that streaming service Tidal falsified streaming figures for Kanye West’s “The Life of Pablo” and Beyoncé’s “Lemonade.”

Facebook’s Public Battle With Songwriters – TheStreet

An examination of Facebook’s relationship with the publishing community and the reluctance of digital service providers to enter into licenses and pay fair market rates.

The Transparency in Music Licensing and Ownership Act – NPR

Lisa Alter comments on the recently introduced Music Transparency Act and the undue burden it threatens to place on music creators.

Disputes Over Prince’s Estate Throw the Future of His Vault Into Question – New York Times

In this New York Times article, Lisa Alter discusses rights issues relating to the vault of music Prince left behind.

Concord Bicycle Music Buys Imagem Music Group Heralding a Golden Age of Music Publishing – Forbes

Concord’s acquisition of Imagem Music Group, a publisher of significant classic rock, pop and contemporary compositions, heralds a golden age for music publishing transactions.

Paul McCartney’s Suit Against Sony to Win Back Song Rights – Bloomberg

Lisa Alter comments on the ability of UK songwriters to assert their statutory termination rights in the US.

Duran Duran’s Copyright Woes in America – Billboard

Lisa Alter discusses the termination of transfers provisions of the US Copyright Act and the limited precedential weight of the ruling against Duran Duran in the UK.

The Entertainment and Sports Lawyer Spring 2017 Edition

Lisa A. Alter presents an informative summary of termination of transfers under the US Copyright Act as well as an analysis of recent notable applications of the law in the Spring 2017 edition of The Entertainment and Sports Lawyer, a quarterly publication of the American Bar Association Forum on the Entertainment & Sports Industries directed at practitioners who devote a major portion of their practice to entertainment, sports, arts, intellectual property law and other related areas.

Practicing Law Institute’s Advanced Copyright Law Review 2016 – Course Handbook

Lisa A. Alter provides a comprehensive overview of the copyright termination provisions of the US Copyright Act including important updates on recent developments and case law involving the recapture of copyrights in her chapter of the course handbook to the Practicing Law Institute’s Advanced Copyright Law Annual Review 2016 entitled “Termination of Transfers under the US Copyright Act” by Lisa A. Alter.

RIAA To Account For Streams In Gold & Platinum Album Certification

Read an in-depth analysis of the RIAA’s recent rule change relating to Gold & Platinum album certification, including commentary from Lisa A. Alter, in this article “Surprise, Surprise: The RIAA Gets Streaming All Wrong” from

Musical America Special Reports: Music Publishing – Copyright DeMystified

Katie Baron provides an informative summary of various music publishing rights in her article “Untangling the Bundle: Synchronization Rights, Mechanical Rights (and quite a few more)” published in Musical America Special Reports’ June 2014 Edition, Music Publishing: Copyright DeMystified. Also featured in the publication is “Commissioning a New Work: Navigating the Rights” by Katie Baron and Norman Ryan of Schott Music Corporation and European American Music, which offers a practical guide to the commissioning process and related rights issues.

Q&A With Copyright Grant Termination Expert Lisa A. Alter

In this interview for the Auditrix blog Lisa A. Alter provides an in-depth overview of termination of transfers of copyright and strategies for authors, heirs and their representatives to consider when attempting to recapture copyrights. Read Cedar Boschan’s full interview with Lisa A. Alter.

Licensing of Music – From BC to AD (Before the Change/After Digital)

Featuring articles from Lisa A. Alter, James M. Kendrick and Katie Baron, among several other noteworthy and prominent contributors from throughout the world, this 2014 publication of the International Association of Entertainment Layers was greeted with great success at the Midem and SXSW music conferences this spring. The book focuses on how the advancement of new technologies that allow content to reach global audiences instantly have made it more important than ever for entertainment professionals to familiarize themselves with internationally recognized standards for copyright ownership and licensing. The book can be purchased for download or in printed edition at the IAEL’s website.

Comment to US Copyright Office on Strategic Plan for Recordation of Documents

Read a comment submitted by Lisa A. Alter and Katie Baron of Alter & Kendrick, LLP to the US Copyright Office in response to a notice of inquiry regarding a strategic plan for recordation of copyright related documents.

From the Village to the Arena: Copyright Termination Issues Left Unsung in Aftermath of Village People Ruling

Read an entry on the New York State Bar Association Entertainment and Sports Law Blog by Lisa A. Alter posted May 16, 2012 regarding the decision in Scorpio Music S.A. v. Victor Willis.

Silence of the Lambs: The Missing Voice of Authors in the SOPA Debate

Read Lisa A. Alter’s take on the debate that surrounded the proposed Stop Online Piracy Act at All Things D. January 30, 2012.

Legislator Weighs in On Copyright Termination Debate

Representative John Conyers Calls for Clarifying Copyright Law. This article contains input from Lisa A. Alter regarding music copyright law as it applies to terminations of transfers. Reported by Larry Rohter in the NY Times August 28, 2011.