Panels and Presentations

Entertainment & Technology Law Conference

“Reclaim Your Copyright”, Lisa Alter, Panelist (New York, New York, 2017)

New York State Bar Association – Entertainment and Sports Law Section: Annual Music Business and Law Conference

“Termination Rights and Related Issues”, Lisa Alter & Katie Baron, Panelists (New York, New York, 2016)

American Bar Association

“The Ins and Outs of Copyright Terminations”, Lisa Alter, Panelist (Webinar, 2016)

Practicing Law Institute: Advanced Copyright Law Annual Review 2016

“Music Licensing Issues”, Lisa Alter, Speaker (New York, New York, 2016)

City Bar Association – Entertainment Law Committee

“Terminations of Transfers in the Music Industry”, Lisa Alter, Presenter (New York, New York, 2016)

Brooklyn Entertainment and Sports Law Society

“Music Law in the Digital Age: Recent Trends and the Effects of Streaming”, Katie Baron, Panelist (Brooklyn, New York, 2015)

American Bar Association at the Americana Music Conference

“I Want It Back – Termination of Grants of Copyright”, Lisa Alter, Moderator (Nashville, Tennessee, 2015)

PRS for Music

“The Beginning or the End? The Impact of US Termination Rights on the UK Music Industry”, Lisa Alter, Moderator (London, UK, 2015)

“Deconstructing Digital: An Overview of US Licensing and Royalty Collection Practices”, Katie Baron, Moderator (London, UK, 2015)

New York Philharmonic & American Composer Orchestra: Career Development Workshop

“Copyright & Commissioning Basics”, Katie Baron, Presenter (New York, New York, 2014)

MATA Festival: Workshop

“The Business of Being a Composer”, Katie Baron, Panelist (New York, New York, 2014)

Music Business Association: Entertainment & Technology Law Conference

“International Licensing of Music: From BC to AD (From Before the Change to After Digital)”, Jim Kendrick & Lisa Alter, Panelists (New York, New York, 2014)

American Composers: Professional Development Workshop

“Copyright and Commissioning Basics”, Katie Baron, Presenter (Detroit, Michigan, 2014)

Association of Independent Music Publishers

“The Terminators:  An Update on the Termination of Transfer Provisions in the U.S. Copyright Act”, Lisa Alter, Presenter (New York, New York, 2014)

View a video clip from this presentation at the AIMP website.

British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors (BASCA)

“U.S. Copyright Termination:  Implications for U.K. Songwriters”, Lisa Alter, Presenter (London, UK, 2013)

Music Publishers Association

“U.S. Copyright Termination”, Lisa Alter, Presenter (London, UK, 2013)

Opera America

“Recording Issues: Rights and Agreements”, Katie Baron, Presenter (Vancouver, Canada, 2013)

Music Publishers Association of the USA

“MPA Anti-Piracy Initiative and Resources Available to Publishers”, Katie Baron, Presenter (New York, New York, 2013)

American Bar Association

“A New Beginning in the End: Termination Rights in Sound Recordings”, Lisa Alter, Panelist (Webinar, 2012)

The 10th Annual San Francisco MusicTech Summit

“Termination of Transfers of Copyright”, Lisa Alter, Panelist (San Francisco, California, 2012)

National Association of Recording Merchandisers Entertainment and Technology Law Conference 

“Creators v. Corporations: Copyright Termination and Royalty Accounting After the Eminem Case”, Lisa Alter, Panelist (New York, New York, 2011)

Featured Artists Coalition/Music Management Forum

“Implications of U.S. Copyright Terminations for U.K. Authors and Publishers”, Lisa Alter, Speaker (London, UK, 2011)

Copyright Society of the USA Annual Meeting

“Hot Blooded: The Debate Over Sound Recordings as Works Made for Hire”, Lisa Alter, Panelist (New York, New York, 2011)

American Bar Association

“The Ins and Outs of Copyright Terminations”, Lisa Alter, Panelist (Webinar, 2011)