Stevie Nicks Sells a Share of Her Publishing Rights to Primary Wave

Stevie Nicks has sold a majority of her publishing catalog to publisher and talent management company, Primary Wave, making the Fleetwood Mac star one of the highest-profile artists to capitalize on the booming song publishing acquisition market to date.

With its acquisition of Nashville-based HoriPro Entertainment Group, the Mojo Music & Media Group is having its coming out party as a new force in independent music publishing. The HoriPro catalog numbers 15,000 songs including tracks by REO Speedwagon, Kiss, Jerry Reed and George Strait.

The company that owns the Rodgers and Hammerstein catalog cut an unusually lucrative deal with Ariana Grande over the rights to her single “7 Rings,” an extended reinterpretation of “My Favorite Things.”

Katie Baron to participate in a hard-hitting, copyright-focused panel on the impact of current legal and technological developments affecting the present and future music industry, including the MMA, artificial intelligence, holographic tours, copyright terminations 5 years after its application, and first sale doctrine in the digital space.

Protecting Your Musical Copyrights

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