Lisa Alter Quoted in USA Today and Axios on Katy Perry’s Catalog Sale

Lisa Alter was recently quoted in articles from USA Today and Axios following the news that Katy Perry sold her music catalog to Litmus Music for $225 million.

"(Artists) know this may not last forever," Lisa previously told USA Today. "Buyers may run out of money. And it makes a lot of sense for someone later in their career. Why not enjoy (the money) while I can? It can also create a simpler situation for heirs that they’re just inheriting money. And younger artists are looking at (the trend) and saying, my work is generating significant income today, so why not get the money now while my work is really hot?"

Axios referenced Lisa’s “1 Big Meal” interview earlier this year in which she explained that many investment firms have been buying music rights in recent years as they are increasingly viewing music as a strong asset.

The full articles can be found below.

Katy Perry sells music catalog to Litmus Music for reported $225 million - USA Today

Katy Perry sells catalog rights to Litmus Music - Axios

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