Silence of the Lambs: The Missing Voice of Authors in the SOPA Debate

The SOPA debate is emblematic of the growing tension between the copyright creator — the authors, composers, lyricists and artists who have contributed so much to the socio-economic fabric of American life — and the “interests” of the public in having free access to the works of others. However, the creator/public dichotomy is a false paradigm. What is truly at stake are the competing interests of the creators and the corporations who have acquired and are exploiting their works.

Legislator Calls for Clarifying Copyright Laws – New York Times

Arguing that Congress has an obligation “to preserve fairness and justice for artists,” John Conyers, the senior Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, has called for a revision of United States copyright law to remove ambiguities in the current statute about who is eligible to reclaim ownership rights to songs and sound recordings.